PEL Pigtail Standoff Insulators

Code and Product Description

PEL Stand-Off Insulator

  • Used to protect post and rail fencing
  • Insulation fits up to post
  • Made from white high density polyethylene
  • Highly visible and pleasing to the eye
  • PI92 150mm 6 inches from post
  • PI95 270mm 10 inches from post
Stand-Off Insulator

PI90 Double Pigtail Stand Off

  • 400mm 16 inch reach from each side of fence
  • 800mm 32” total length
  • Used to electrify wire on both sides of the fence
PI90 Double Pigtail Stand Off

Wire Fixing Standoff

  • PI62 Standoff insulator for use with
  • Sheep wire
  • Barb wire
  • Concrete posts
Wire Fixing Standoff