SAC – A full-line supplier of milking systems

SAC manufactures and supplies all types of milking systems and equipment. We offer simple bucket milking systems and uncomplicated M3SU machines, driven by a vacuum pump. We also provide all types of milking parlour – from relatively simple 30° herringbone parlours to highly sophisticated rotary parlours with fully automatic control of all functions, milk meter, feed dispenser, management software, etc.

In addition, we offer all types of milking machines, stalls, equipment and rotary parlours for sheep and goats.

We have an extensive range of equipment and accessories, including vacuum pumps – pulsators mastitis indicator – management systems – elevating floors – bulk milk tanks – CIP systems for the cleaning of milking plant and bulk milk tanks – heat recovery systems – plate coolers – ice banks – bucket milking machines for cows, sheep and goats – and many fittings for animal housing units, including manure scrapers, drinking troughs, Polysoft mattresses, fans, etc.

SAC markets a wide and varied range of cleaning agents and teat-care products, all of which meet the requirements of dairy farmers on gentle, environment-friendly yet effective cleaning, and improved animal welfare

SAC supplies everything needed by modern dairy farmers.

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