PEL Management Tools

Code and Product Description

PV100 Pel Tracker/ Faultfinder

  • Quickly & easily located faults along fence line
  • Displays current, voltage & current direction simultaneously
  • Displays previous current reading to compare values
  • Measures voltage up to 13000 volts
  • Large arrow display shows direction of fault
  • Secured wire guard for increased safety
  • Convenient belt clip
  • Insulated, rugged, water resistant case
  • Low battery warning system
  • Replaceable 9v battery
  • Can be used with all energisers

PV100 User Manual

PA36 Pel Fence Alert

PV18 Pel Digital Voltmeter

  • Very accurate reading up to 9900 volts
  • Read Voltage on wire anywhere on the fence
  • Can be used to check earth voltage
  • Rugged case design protects components
  • Automatic on/off for battery conservation
  • Secure protection case supplies as standard
  • Replaceable 9V battery
  • Works with all energisers
  • To Operate:
  • Place peg in ground away from fence wire
  • Connect red crocodile clip to wire
  • Read voltage display in KV and multiply by 1000 for voltage on wire
  • Earth reading should be no more than 0.5kv or 500 volts

PV18 User Manual

PV18 Pel Digital Voltmeter

PV5 Pel Electric Fence Testers

  • Low cost effective way to test fence
  • Each light represents 1000 volts.
  • Pocket size for convenience
  • 5 lights indicate voltage
  • Strong protective case
  • Built in earth probe
  • No battery required
  • Works with all energisers
  • To Operate an Electric Fence Testers:
  • Place earth probe in ground away from fence wire
  • Touch fence probe to fence wire
  • Information beside lights gives guide to fence condition
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PA36 Pel Fence Alert

  • Starts to flash when there is no power on the fence
  • Warning light begins flashing when voltage is too low
  • Clips to steel wire, polywire and polytapes
  • Visible up to 1.5km at night
  • Min. 72 hours active operation after 2 years standby
  • No ground work or extrenal sources required
  • Common Lithium Button cell
  • Rugged impact and water resistant case
  • Works with all energisers
PA36 Pel Fence Alert