Frequently Asked Questions

No Load: Voltage in the fencer.
500 OHMS: Voltage on wire under perfect conditions
100 OHMS: Voltage on wire under grass growth condition.
Voltage on fence wire should not drop below 2000 volts for effective livestock control.

1 Output Joule will drive volts along 6 miles / 10 Kms of wire in perfect conditions

  • Decide on area and type of land to be fenced
  • The type of stock to be controlled
  • Choose a fencer larger than required to allow for fence additions
  • Erect fence in a cool dry well ventilated shed
  • Erect fence out of reach of children or animals
  • Connect underground / lead out wire from fence terminal to fence wire
  • Connect underground / lead out wire from earth terminal to first earth rod

Choose an earth site that is moist and at least 33ft, (10 meters) away from:

  • Any earth stake for another electrical system
  • Any telephone earth stake.
  • Any water pipes including disused water pipes.
  • Any building using structural steel or reinforcing metal in the ground.

N.B. Never choose an earth site near a dairy or milking parlour.