Solar Powered Fencers

We at Stradbally Farm Services are proud to introduce you to our full range of solar electric fences. The range has been developed to meet the needs of Irish Farmers and are suitable to our climatic conditions.

Each Solar Panel Kit has been chosen to suit each model fencer available and is designed to give maximum power on the fence wire. They are efficient, cost effective and time saving, providing effective livestock control and peace of mind to farmers.

Our solar fencers range in power from .16-6 output Joules, capable of fencing from 1-90 acres. They are suitable for farmers who rent land or are farming areas of land where mains power is not an option.

All our solar kits and solar panels are designed to suit any make of battery fencer with 12 volt option already in use on Irish farms. When choosing one of the Solar Kits or panels make sure you choose the correct kit and panel to suit the Joule rating of your fencer.

By choosing a Pel solar electric fences you can be assured of years of trouble free fencing, perfect livestock control and increased profit margins through better pasture management.

Advantages of Solar Powered Fencers

  • Removes cost of replacement batteries
  • Battery charged during daylight hours
  • Removes problem of recharging batteries
  • Continuous charge prolongs battery life
  • Is reliable and cost effective
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Models available to suit 1-90 acres
  • Models to suit tape and polywire
  • Models to suit 12½ SWG (2.5mm) Hi Tensile Wire