PEL Fencing Tools

Code and Product Description

H300 Hayes Wire Strainer

  • Smooth grip chain and grip wire strainer.
  • Suits 1.6mm-5mm wire sizes
  • Does not damage wire
  • Suitable for high tensile and barbed wire
  • Spare parts available
Fencing | Quality Fencing | Fencing Ireland | Stradbally Farm Services ltd. H300 Hayes Wire Strainer

H550 4 in 1 Fencing Tool

  • Crimping Tool for crimp sizes 1.6mm-4mm
  • Staple Puller -; 2 directions
  • Covered Cable Wire Stripper
  • Wire Cutter. Cuts up to 5mm wire
  • Improved crimping power
  • Extra large handles for more power
  • Double action jaws, with extras width
  • Extra wide flathead jaws
  • Jaws made from toughened heavy duty tooling steel
H550 4 in 1 Fencing Tool

EPP-S PEL Crimp Sleeves

  • Inline Wire Connection
  • Maintains strength and integrity of the wire
  • Crimp bonding compound
  • Crimp sizes to suit all fencing needs
  • HCE Open End Electric Fence Joiner
  • HCB Crimp Sleeve to join barbed wire
Crimp Sleeves

Pel fencing  tools are clearly labelled, well presented and full specification is printed on the label.