Code and Product Description
Screw-in Peach Teats
Milkflo Screw-in Peach Teats

Screw-in Peach Teats (CFP777)

Peach Teat with a Twist
  • Milkflo the only Calf Feeder with Screw-In Peach Teat as standard.
  • Teat installation on Milkflo Feeders requires a couple of twists.
  • Screw-In Peach Teats are easy to remove or replace.
  • Screw-In Peach Teats do not need gaskets or seals which can be damaged or lost.
Pull-Thru Peach Teats

Pull-Thru Peach Teats (CFP760)

Suits all Calf Feeders, Milkbar, JFC, etc.
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Peach Teat Adaptor (CFP450)

Converts Stallion feeders to Peach Teat.