Code and Product Description

Nursing Bottle (CFP031)

Teat: Peach Teat

Capacity: 2 Litre

Air Bleed: 2 – 1 on lid and 1 on bottle

Nursing Bottle

Cap and Teat for Nursing Bottle (CFP021)

nursing bottle cap and teat

Single Station Feeder (CFP401)

Teat: Screw-in Peach Teat

Capacity: 6 Litre

Mounting: Fence or Gate Hung

Single Station Feeder

2 or 3 Station Feeder (CFP403)

Teat: Screw-in Peach Teats

Capacity: 10 Litre

Convert to: 2 Teat (Blank Cap supplied)

Mounting: Carrying Handle or Gate Mounting

Dimensions: L315 x W240 x D285mm

2/3 Station Feeder