LED Lights – Long Life Bulbs (100,000 Hours)

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L/L Little Lantern

  • Super bright 9 LEDs.
  • 50 Lumens.
  • Battery type: 4 x 1.5v AA batteries (included).
  • 60 hours high output.
  • 100 hours medium output.
  • 150 hours low output.

A most impressive little lantern just 140mm high and using 9 super bright LEDs and overhead reflector for more efficient illumination.

This lantern uses 4 x AA batteries (supplied) and has 3 operating modes (high, medium and low) giving up to 150 hours illumination.

LL Little Lantern

AML1 Rechargeable Auto Micro Lite

  • The auto micro-lite charges from your vehicles cigarette lighter socket.
  • Bright and always charged when you need it.
  • High output 5 watt LED.
  • Battery life: Approximately 3 hours per charge.
  • Battery type: 4 x 20H N I-MH rechargeable batteries – included.

The in-car rechargeable super bright miniature LED torch fits directly into the car cigar socket for storage and recharging, so you always have a reliable working torch with you.

The LED lamps used in the Clulite range of torches are specially selected to provide the best light source available at a competitive cost for the individual applications.

AML1 Rechargeable Auto Micro LiteAML1 Rechargeable Auto Micro Lite

AML1 Rechargeable Auto Micro Lite


Hi-tech LED Key Ring Torch

  • 2 x 3volt lithium batteries included.
  • Ultra bright white LED light.
  • On/off switch.
  • Water resistant.
  • Available in red, green, blue or black.
Key-Lite LED Key Ring TorchKey-Lite LED Key Ring Torch

LL-11 Lady-Lite

  • 3 x AAA batteries included.
  • High output 41 pcs super
    bright LED.
  • Lifetime of LED – more than 100,000 hours.

A super bright LED hand torch with attractive floral design casing. Lightweight with easy to use push button switch and convenient wrist strap. An ideal gift for the lady. This torch is powered by easily sourced AAA batteries which are included.

LL-11 Lady-LiteLL-11 Lady-Lite

LL-11 Lady-Lite