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LED Pistol Light

Perfect for lamping, stock control or general use.

Self contained lightweight, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

1000 lumens of superb brightness using the latest T6 CREE LED producing a 400m beam.

The head unit is made from high grade aluminium.

Coloured Filter set available to order.

  • 2-3 hours battery life
  • 400m 1000 lumens Beam
  • 333g in weight
  • Supplied with mains charger
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Long Ranger Pistol Light

This pistol light is our budget handheld searchlight, moulded in high impact ABS it has an impressive 500m beam.

Popular due to the performance and excellent value for money.

Comes with a red snap on filter, Vehicle & mains charger.

  • 2-3 hour coninuous beam battery life
  • 500m Beam
  • 448g in weight
  • Supplied with mains & vehicle charger



The Trailblaser handheld spotlights sport a 1000m spot beam from a single focused 45w LED light source gibing a DREAM OF A BEAM.

It is fitted with a cigar plug as standard for use directly from the vehicle or other 12v DC power sources.

It also has a new design flush fitting switch.

Supplied complete with red filter which sits neatly inside the rim.

  • LED: 45w-4000 Lumens
  • Beam: 1000m
  • Weight: 720g
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