PEL Gate Products

Code and Product Description

PA51W High Tension Gate Break Handle

  • White high density polyethylene for long life
  • Strong galvanised hook
  • Strong galvanised spring
  • Heavy duty/rugged body with large protective guards
  • Positive non slip insulated handle
PA51 High Tension Gate Break

PA51-C Compression Spring Gate Break Handle

  • Blue high density polyethylene for long life
  • Spring compresses to avoid over stretching
  • Strong galvanised hook
  • Positive non slip insulated handle
PA51-C Compression Spring Gate Break

PA50-W Insulated Fence Hook

  • White high density polyethylene for long life
  • Used with Pel reels for insulated connection
  • Strong UV resistant design
  • For use in temporary fence application
  • Slim design for ease of use
PA50-W Insulated Fence Hook

PA52W Spring Gate Kit

  • Electrifies gateways up to 8mtrs wide
  • Versatile and easy to install
  • Fully insulated heavy duty handle with protective guards and non slip grip
  • Galvanised, rust resistant spring


  • Package Includes: Heavy duty insulated handle, 2 x  wood post pinlock insulators, activator and galvanised spring.


  • PA52W 15ft Spring Gate 5 mtr
  • PA52/20 20ft Spring Gate 8 mtr
Spring Gate

PA52-U Ultra Spring Gate Kit

  • Yellow rust resistant steel spring
  • Red non slip polyethylene handle
  • Complete with activator plate and post anchor
  • High visibility for increased safety
  • Versatile and easy to install.
  • Electrifies gateways up to 5mtr wide


  • Package Includes: Heavy duty insulated handle, x2 wood post pinlonk insulators, activate and yellow spring
PA52-U Ultra Spring Gate

PA54 Tape Gate Kit

  • White non slip polyethylene handle
  • 2 gate buckles for connecting gate.
  • Activator plate and post anchor
  • Fits up to 40mm tape –
    (tape not supplied-tape provides high visibility)
PA54 Tape Gate Kit

PA52A Gate Activator Plate

  • High density polyethylene insulator
  • Stainless steel bolt
  • Galvanised 3 direction plate for flexibility
  • Long lasting hot dipped galvanised steel
  • For use with all Pel gate break handles
PA52A Gate Activator Plate
PA56 Batt Latch

Batt-Latch Gate Release Timer

The Batt-latch is the world’s only portable solar-powered automatic gate release timer.


Pre-programmed by the farmer, this timer can be used on any gate system, and is particularly suited to dairy farmers.


In a paddock situation, the timer and a temporary gate replace the function of the normal gate. Attach the Batt-Latch to one post with its adjustable webbing strap and then hook the supplied spring gate or bungy cord to the latch cam, stretch it across and clip it to the other post, or wire fence. 
When the preset time is reached, the battery-powered internal motor/gearbox is activated by the timer, the cam turns 360˚ and the spring gate is released, enabling the stock to make their own way to the dairy, feedpad or other destination.

• Adaptable to all farming gate systems (pipe, tape, spring etc)
• Integrated solar panel eliminates downtime for charging, works year round worldwide.
• Tough all-weather, waterproof case for endurance in all conditions.
• Designed to operate with minimal power consumption and low sunlight.
• Full message display for fast referral to programmed release times.
• One-time easy setting of release times using keypad (up to 4 actions per day).
• Easily programmed to repeat your a.m. and p.m. releases every day of the week.
• New feature allows one-off releases to be set up to 2 weeks in advance.
• Supplied as full kit; long spring gate kit, post strap and energizer clip lead for instant use.
• New, comprehensive manual with helpful hints and tips included.
• 12 month warranty with rapid service guaranteed.


• Reduces time and labour, lameness and herd stress, pugging, fuel and running costs.
• Releases cows to feedpad or dairy at any hour of the day or night.
• Also used for remote applications on runoffs, holding back the herd and break-feeding.
• Other applications have included feral deer capture and use with horses, drystock and sheep.

The Batt-Latch gate release timer is absolutely brilliant for dairy farms using feedpads or for those who regularly break feed supplements before or after milking. The Batt-Latch has a very low capital cost and no maintenance expenses.


Using the Batt-Latch, you can allow the herd access to the paddock at very early hours before even the most energetic farm worker would care to rise. It also suits medium to large farms and herds, and those with long raceways to the dairy.


Farmers with multiple herds often buy one or two Batt-Latches per herd, using units to ‘hold back’ after milking and ensuring all of the herd get a chance at new grass.


You can also expect stress reduction in the herd, as they travel to feed at their own pace. Some farmers have reported reduced hoof damage when using the Batt-Latch, and this lines up with the new research findings on the causes of lameness.


Batt Latch User Manual