High Powered Rechargeable Torches

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CB2 Clubman Deluxe

Ultimate Power Lamp
  • 12v double bulb lamp.
  • 1 million candle power.
  • 1000m spot beam.
  • 1.5 hours continuous light.
  • 3 hours intermittent.
  • 8 hours secondary beam.
  • Recharge time – 12 hours.
CB2 Clubman Deluxe


  • A25 – Gun mount kit 25mm.
  • A25S – Gun mount kit 30mm.
  • L12 – 1.2m adaptor lead JS/CP connections.
  • A9 – Stone guard for lens protection.
  • M25 – 0.8m-2m extension pole for site work.
  • A8 – Fingerprint filter.
  • A12 – Magnetic base for vehicle mounting.
  • A2 – Strap bracket for hands free chest mounting.
Coloured Filters
  • A21 – Pop in filter in red, green,
    amber or blue.
  • A40 – multi directional filter in red,
    green, amber or blue.
  • Detachable head.
  • Converts to gun light using A25.
  • Mains charging.
  • Vehicle charging.
Kit Includes
  • CH5 – Mains charger.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • L3 – Vehicle charging Lead.

Uses and Users

  • Walking light (secondary beam).
  • 1000m spot beam for locating livestock at night.
  • Converts to Gun Light for vermin control.
  • Detachable lamp head and shoulder carrying strap allows more accurate focusing.
Veterinary Surgeons
  • Fully adjustable lamp head allows accurate focusing for treating animals.
  • Security Personnel:
  • Brilliant white spot beam which penetrates the darkest corners. :
Search and Rescue
  • 1000m spot beam for distance viewing allows faster and more accurate ground coverage.

The Clubman Deluxe is a multi-functional high powered lamp with a million candle power white piercing beam. It has a clip-in pod for holding the lamp head for standard use which can also be tilted. The lamp head can also be detached for hand held use, the coiled lead giving more flexible usage.